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Complimentary Veralytic Report for a policy of your choosing

Complementary Veralytic Report

For a complimentary Veralytic report on a policy of your choosing, simply e-mail an illustration of hypothetical policy values including the detailed policy accounting pages with the Veralytic Report Request  to or fax it to our toll-free, confidential fax server at 800-409-3222.  If you don't have detailed policy accounting pages, you can use the sample Request for Illustration to obtain the data needed by Veralytic directly from the appropriate insurer.  

Either way, include the name of the conference or webinar or social media post in your e-mail or fax submission.  You'll receive your complimentary Veralytic report within 2 business days (usually less) free of charge, and Barry D. Flagg, Founder and Inventor of the Veralytic Research Platform, will gladly review the report with you and discuss how Veralytic can help you better advise your clients and grow your business.  

Need a Speaker?

Are you on a board of your local chapter?  Life Insurance is often integral to planning for its tax preferences, and is increasingly promoted/considered as an investment asset, but has been opaque and difficult to understand because it hasn’t conformed to Prudent Investor principles broadly understood for other assets.  Contact us to bring this training to your chapter to show your fellow members how to apply to life insurance the same universal decision-making framework already widely-accepted by clients’ other advisors for most every other asset on their balance sheets. 


Stay Informed

Life insurance is the last, largest, most-neglected asset on clients’ balances sheets.  As is often the case, neglect breeds poor-performance, and life insurance is no exception, having been among the worst-performing asset-types relative to clients' expectations for decades, and now the source of growing complaints, arbitration and litigation against advisors, brokers and insurers. The good news is the life insurance industry is being transformed by the same mega-forces that transformed the investment business, bringing with it the promise of greater transparency, lower costs, and better performance. 

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