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Forbes Best Overall for 2021

Forbes 2020 Best Life Insurance Companies Best Life Insurance Companies - 2021

The best companies in any industry are known for financial strength that stands the test of time and products that are competitively-priced, with popular features and benefits, that live up to customer expectations, and out-last and out-perform the competition over time.  The best companies in any industry are not just competitive in some of these qualities, they excel in all these areas for a broad range of customers.  The life insurance industry is no different. 

The best life insurance companies are likewise distinguished by superior claims-paying ability and products that are competitively-priced, with more access to account values and/or greater guarantees, that live up to customer expectations, and out-last and out-perform the competition.  For these reasons, Forbes published a first-of-its-kind ranking of the Best Life Insurance Companies based on BOTH the financial strength of the insurer AND the overall competitiveness of their products. 

Veralytic is proud to provide Forbes with product competitiveness ratings from the Veralytic database; the only online source of pricing and performance data that complies with Client’s Best Interest laws, rules and regulations.  Veralytic research is also available from financial advisors who subscribe to Veralytic (i.e., Veralytical advisors) and/or directly from us for a $250 per-policy-fee (a 50% discount for Forbes readers)[1]. Click here for more information about Veralytic ratings.  

While the Forbes Best Life Insurance Companies offer more products that are more highly-rated by Veralytic than other insurers, no company’s products are right for everyone.  And because regulations in some states and for some products permit agents, brokers, and insurers to “quote” a lower premium even when internal policy costs are actually higher, the easiest way to verify when an existing policy or new proposal is in your Best Interest is to request a Veralytic report.   

So find out what you're actually being charged inside your life insurance policy.  Get a Veralytic report today either from your current financial advisor, or from a Veralytical advisor in your area, or follow the instructions in the video below to request a Veralytic report directly from us either via e-mail to or via fax to #800-409-3222.  Either way, remember to include payment information and promotional code "ForbesBest2021" for a 50% discount off the regular report fee.       

[1] Limited Time Offer