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Request a Veralytic Report

Sample CPE Report Use the Veralytic Report to determine the appropriateness of pricing for your client's policy.

Request a current inforce illustration from the insurance carrier (including the detailed expense pages). Detailed expense pages are not always standard pages in inforce illustrations, please specifically ask for them to be include in your request. Only a single illustration is needed for each Veralytic Report request. This illustration should most closely represent client expectations for 1) expected duration of coverage, 2) the expected premium payment and premium payment duration, and 3) the expected rate of return on the invested assets underlying policy cash values.  

If the policy illustration is not available, download a sample Request for Illustration (RFI) letter to gather the necessary policy information.

Your client's policy information will be uploaded, a Veralytic Research Report will be generated and a notification will be sent to you via e-mail when your Veralytic Report has been posted to your work box.