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Veralytic Reports are the core of our products and services. The purpose of each Veralytic Report is to provide a comprehensive, objective evaluation of a life insurance policy's suitability relative to comparable policies across the industry.  Each report represents the equivalent of hundreds of hours that would be required to produce hundreds of comparison illustrations manually – if the agent had perfect access to perfectly consistent information from all major life insurance manufacturers in the United States. 

These reports have several applications for life insurance agents, brokers, trustees, and other financial services professionals:

  • identifying underperforming assets, which may become a source of liability from lawsuits or regulation;
  • replacing the manual process of generating hypothetical illustrations for prospects with an inexpensive, fast, automated process;
  • identifying if a prospect represents a potential sale by analyzing how well their current policies are performing;
  • helping to close high-value prospect sales by estimating exactly how much a better-performing policy will pay in cost savings and higher earnings over the lifetime of a policyholder;
  • providing consistent documentation of due diligence processes against future lawsuits;
  • improving business process consistency across life insurance sales, quality control, documentation, and risk management

Veralytic Reports utilize a proprietary, intuitive, and balanced five-star rating system based upon two US Patents (US Patent #6,456,979 & #7,698,158).  The validity and utility of the Reports have been recognized by several national industry publications as well as regulatory and oversight agencies.  The result is a highly graphical one-page document which quickly demonstrates projected policy performance, costs, and returns across five different measures.  Reports are self-explanatory to any qualified life insurance professional, and are represent a significant savings in time and labor in any agency or brokerage. 

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