How Veralytic Can Help Life Insurance
Buyers and Current Policyholders


Best Insurance Companies for You

The best companies in any industry are known for financial strength that stands the test of time, and products that are competitively-priced, that offer popular features and benefits, and that live up to customer expectations. These companies have outlasted and outperformed the competition over time.

The life insurance industry is no different. Veralytic ratings therefore consider the insurer’s ability to pay claims long into the future, the competitiveness of internal policy costs, access to or restrictions on account values, actual historical performance, and the likelihood of meeting or exceeding expectations.

Companies offering the most products with the highest Veralytic ratings are therefore also most likely to out last and out-perform the competition.


How Veralytic Reports Can Help

Veralytic rates cash value life insurance policies based on the financial strength of the insurer and the overall competitiveness of their products.

While certain insurers offer products that are more highly rated than those of other insurers, no company’s products are right for everyone. And regulations in some states for some products allow agents, brokers, and insurers to “quote” a lower premium even when internal policy costs are actually higher. This makes it very difficult for consumers to navigate the many options available for cash-value life insurance, including whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, and variable universal life insurance.

The easiest way to verify when an existing policy or new proposal is in your best interests is to request a Veralytic report. You’ll learn what you're actually being charged inside your life insurance policy and how it compares to benchmarks for all other policies.


What To Do Next

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