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Giving Thanks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Each year Thanksgiving comes around

And more opportunities are found

To thank each and every one of you

Who believes in Veralytic and what we do.


We give our thanks to you today

To those who have helped us lead the way,

To have read each article, e-news, & regulation,

And sat through every presentation.


We still have a way to go,

But you’re part of a group that can only grow,

as we inform those that are hesitant

and spread the knowledge of Life Insurance Portfolio Management.


And to help us inform even better

Click here to answer only 2 questions that matter

Tell us what and how often you like to read

And we will tailor our e-news to meet your needs.


Our Independent research gives you the ability

To address UPIA, TOLI and Life Insurance Product Suitability,

We wanted to stop and thank you sincerely

For all of your support that we value so dearly.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Founder/Inventor and President

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