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Veralytic offers a number of solutions to support life insurance and financial services professionals.

  • The Veralytic Report is our flagship product.  The Report consists of several measures of policy suitability in an easy-to-read graphical overview, summarized by a simple star rating system that measures against five different categories of policy performance.  Custom Reports are available on a subscription or for purchase on a per-Report basis.  For more information about our reports and how you can obtain a Report, please click here.
  • Our subscription services provide access to custom Reports at a substantially discounted rate. To learn about the advantages of the Monthly Subscription service and how you can get started, please click here.
  • Our Insurance Banking® Support provides Veralytic Certified Providers and Subscribers alike with pricing and performance research data on thousands of life insurance products and hundreds of insurance providers in North America.  Our comprehensive database is the only one of its kind, and provides a statistical and analytical basis for all of Veralytic's report and research services.  
  • Our Research section describes the technologies, frameworks, and patents that underlie our Veralytic Reports and research services.
  • Our Toolbox provides critical information, case law history, and resources for understanding and reducing risk which could result from non-compliance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) for independent life insurance trustees (ILITS), agents, and agencies that manage life insurance assets for clients.