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Subscription Services

Access to Veralytic Reports, analytical services, and special portfolio management tools are provided through member subscriptions. We offer two subscription options:

Multi-User Subscription: $99/Month

Multi-User subscribers have access to unlimited Veralytic Reports at a flat rate of $125 per report (a 75% discount off the non-subscriber fee). The monthly subscription cost is only $99 per month, when purchased for 12 months. The subscription and report cost is easily offset by your cost savings and increased profit; feedback from our customers reveals that preparing a single Veralytic Report per month can generate $6,000 in new fee income and save your clients thousands of dollars.

Single-User Subscription: $199/Month

Individual subscribers have access to unlimited Veralytic Reports at a flat rate of $199 per month (for 12 months). There is no additional charge per report.  This is intended for use by an individual subscriber for use in that subscriber’s practice only with that subscriber’s clients. 

Enterprise Subscription

Enterprise subscriptions provide bulk discounts, and give access to additional features such as referral network support and information from our unique database of policies and insurance product manufacturers.  Enterprise licenses are available for national and international firms with multiple locations. Enterprise licensing allows your firm to take advantage of volume discounts and entitles advisors at multiple locations to receive Veralytic Reports at a set fee. Your firm may also qualify for an enterprise license if it serves as a single point of contact for users throughout a network of associated sites. Please contact us if you are interested in an Enterprise Subscription.

Getting Started

  1. Click here to register online.
  2. Within 1 working day, you will receive your online credentials, which will give you access to a secure subscriber area of our website.
  3. You may initiate a new Veralytic Report at any time using these credentials. This is accomplished by one of the following:

Satisfaction Guarantee

There is no risk to explore how Veralytic can help you. If you are not completely satisfied after running just three (3) Veralytic Reports during the initial 90-day trial period, simply return all Veralytic Reports and other Veralytic work product, and we will refund all subscription and report fees.