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Get more referrals, eliminate competition and close faster with a Veralytic Report.

The most sought-after clients surround themselves with CPAs, tax attorneys and trust officers. These “gate-keepers” regularly utilize independent research to give their clients thorough and objective advice but have many clients with life insurance that has been neglected for lack of a consistent way to measure pricing and performance. Such independent research/authority is a key ingredient to the advice from or through these “gate-keepers” to all their clients.

The Veralytic Report is an independent research tool that successful life insurance brokers and agents use to create an advantage with these “gate‑keepers”. It’s an independent tool you can use to get more referrals from independent advisors and gain access to the best prospects. Because it is independent, the Veralytic Report will elevate your competitive position in presentations and often accelerate your sales cycle.

Veralytic measures product competitiveness and suitability against the universe of peer-group products in just minutes — a task that can otherwise take hours for you or your staff to complete. With the time you would have spent comparing illustrations, you can now make more sales while improving your closing ratio.

Because product competitiveness is measured against the industry’s largest database of pricing and performance information, Veralytic users also have more and faster information about the most competitive products in the marketplace. With Veralytic’s market intelligence, you have more information to beat and even eliminate the competition before you even walk into the meeting. Your new client and the gatekeepers will also have the confidence of knowing that their trusted advisor gave them the most accurate information to make their decision.

To begin your savings while selling life insurance policies faster, please follow this link to start the Veralytic Report analysis right away.