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Kitces Readers Special Offer

Access to Veralytic Reports, analytical services, and special portfolio management tools are provided through member subscriptions. We offer the following subscription options:

Special Kitces Readers Subscription: $500/Year for 5 Reports

Veralytic is offering a special offer to Kitces Readers which will allow the reader to receive up to 5 Veralytic Reports in a 12 month period for a flat $500. This subscription is easily offset by your cost savings and increased profit; feedback from our customers reveals that preparing a single Veralytic Report per month can generate in new income and save your clients thousands of dollars.

Getting Started

  1. E-Mail  or Call 888-908-8242. Make sure you mention "Kitces" with your registration!
  2. Within 1 working day, you will receive your online credentials, which will give you access to a secure subscriber area of our website.
  3. You may initiate a new Veralytic Report at any time using these credentials. This is accomplished by one of the following: