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Attract more national accounts and top producers by integrating the Veralytic Report into your sales platform.

Life insurance is the last, largest and most‑neglected asset on most clients’ balance sheets, and few financial institutions are equipped to manage this asset. These financial institutions need your help, but require large-scale services and demand uniformity across diverse geographic regions. As a significant distributor of life insurance with a large footprint, you have a unique opportunity to attract national accounts and top producers to address this need by working with Veralytic.

When managing the life insurance sales process for multiple locations, the most important factors in your success will be the consistency, efficiency, scalability and effectiveness of your organization’s service delivery. By providing your producers with the tools they need to succeed in this environment, you can increase productivity while creating an added layer of protection for the financial institutions you serve. Now, Veralytic can help you achieve this goal with a fully-scalable and cost-effective research platform that is uniform and consistent from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and all points in between.

Veralytic automates the analysis of product competitiveness and suitability — a task that otherwise takes hours for your employees to complete manually. Because product competitiveness is measured against the industry’s largest database of pricing and performance information, you can have more and faster information about competing life insurance products than your competitors.  With this greater market intelligence, you have the information needed to win and even eliminate competition in advance.

If the financial institution you serve is a trustee, then they need “information from an independent entity with no economic stake in the transaction.”  Veralytic Research independently assesses policy pricing and performance and documents whether the inforce holding or recommended product is suitable as it relates to the universe of peer‑group alternatives. Such documentation is essential to protecting against a potential Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) lawsuit or challenge.

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