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Life Insurance Product Price Increases/Changes YTD 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The cost of doing business in the Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) markets has risen as the interest rates have fallen.  In 2009 the GUL market had increases up to 40%, 2010 increases up to 20%, 2011 up to 40%, 2012 up to 18% and just these couple months in 2013 the GUL marketplace has experienced over 100% increases in costs. There are some insurance companies that have taken multiple increases (on same product or through discontinuing and issuing new products)or have had to exit the GUL market completely.

In addition, these pressures apply not just to GUL but to all products. The pricing of all products is a function of costs and interest. When it is harder to make money on the interest side of the equation, the only options often become increasing costs or exiting the market altogether. Those with large GUL blocks, sometimes seek increases to costs and/or lower interest crediting rates in other blocks of business to make up losses on these lower performing blocks of GUL business.

Below are the changes published for 2013:

January 2013
Carrier in Top 18% - Reprice with premium increases 2-42%

Carrier in Top 39% - Repriced NLG Rider increases 2-4%

Carrier in Top 8% - Replaced NLG Product with increase 6-40%

Carrier in Top 15% - Reprice increase 6-65%, Discontinued NLG product

Carrier in Top 6% - Discontinuation of rider

Carrier in Top 11% - Reprice with increases 2-10%

Carrier in Top 12% - Pricing increases over 100% on NLG UL, Repriced NLG rider on IUL & SIUL up to 20%.

Carrier in Top 8% - New current assumption UL replaces UL with a premium increase up to 10%

Carrier in Top 14% - Discontinued Term, IL and SUL products

February 2013
Carrier in Top 12% - Both increasing and decreasing cap rates on IUL products

Carrier in Top 6% - Discontinued Continuation Rider in NY on UL and SUL products. Increased underwriting on Term products.

Carrier in Top 12% - Replaced VUL with premium increase up to 5% over the replaced VUL.

Carrier in Top 9% - Repriced NLG UL with increases up to 5%

March 2013
Carrier in Top 18% - New mandate that Indexed UL policies carry to age 100 on a current assumption basis, replaced IUL product.

Carrier in Top 39% - Removed NLG rider on SIUL product.

April 2013

Carrier in Top 36% - Repriced NLG UL up to 5%.

Carrier in Top 8% - UL minimum interest crediting rate reduced to 2%, IUL fixed interest crediting rate reduced to 2%

Carrier in Top 6% - NLG UL rider and joint NLG SUL rider discontinued in all states.

May 2013

Carrier in Top 27% - All interest sensitive UL products credited interest rates reduced by 10bps.

Carrier in Top 8% - UL & SUL crediting rate decreased by 15bps, IUL fixed account rate decreased by 20bps, VUL & SVUL crediting rate decreased by 20 bps, UL crediting rate decreased by 20 bps. Replaced UL & SUL products with premium increases up to 15% over replaced UL & SUL.

Carrier in Top 11% - Replaced NLG UL & SUL with premium increase up to 34% over the replaced NLG UL & SUL.

Carrier in Top 8% - UL & VUL 15 bps decrease in fixed account crediting rate. Repriced NLG UL increases up to 10%.

Carrier in Top 9% - Repriced NLG SUL up to 10%. Repriced NLG UL up to 5%. Guaranteed minimum effective annual crediting rate reduced from 2% to 1%.

June 2013

Carrier in Top 14% - Replaced SUL.

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