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Trust Owned Life Insurance: From the Theoretical, to the Practical and into the Future

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In this series, Kevin Blanton, AVP and Associate Counsel of JH Advanced Markets Group, Leon Wessels, Founder of both InsuranceIQ and Insurance Trust Monitor, located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Barry Flagg, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Founder of Veralytic, take a deeper dive into the corporate trustee world. We will get a better picture of what is happening in the corporate fiduciary marketplace and what is likely to happen next.  Don't miss out on this broadcast - Leon and Barry are experts on the subject of life insurance review, life insurance trust administration, remediation, and monitoring of life insurance policies held in trust.  

Click Here to listen to Part I

Click Here to listen to Part II

As the Senior Vice President of Sales for InsuranceIQ, a division of Informa Investment Solutions, Inc., Leon has over 20 years experience in the life insurance industry as a producer, recruiter and manager with several insurance companies. In 2001 Leon was responsible for developing the first systematic approach to risk management services for organizations that serve as a trustee over trust and institutionally owned life insurance policies (TOLI). Through his efforts in the last eight years, Leon has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in this area. He has been instrumental in establishing InsuranceIQ as premier provider of life insurance policy risk management services and to date, InsuranceIQ has contractual relationships with hundreds of institutions. Leon, along with his brother Jon Wessels, are responsible for the creation of Insurance Trust Monitor, Inc. which provides consulting, management and third-party administration services to trustees of life insurance trusts.

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