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Ensuring suitable and appropriate implementation of life insurance product recommendations and remediation…always in the best interests of the client

As the leading innovator in life insurance analytics, the Veralytic Report is the only patented, objective and transparent evaluation of suitability as it relates to life insurance policies. The Veralytic Report delivers a patented “five star” rating system that benchmarks for suitability against a comprehensive, industry wide database of life insurance products and companies. Whether considering the purchase of new life insurance or evaluating existing coverage, Veralytic’s unique and comprehensive methodology becomes the ultimate vehicle to ensure your client is the beneficiary of the life insurance industry’s “Best Available Rates and Terms”. 

The “five star” rating system measures the suitability of life insurance products with primary emphasis on these five factors:

  • Insurer Financial Strength
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Pricing Stability
  • Policy Liquidity
  • Historical Performance

As a financial services professional committed to advising clients pursuant to their best interests, you need the research that backs up your recommendations for life insurance products that achieve the best possible star rating given your client’s unique set of circumstances.

Conventional marketing and sales practices are often misleading (or even inappropriate) and are not proper indicators of a policy’s long term performance. Understanding, measuring and monitoring the five factors above brings needed transparency and dramatically improves the probability that the policy will meet or even exceed the expectations of the client. In a nutshell, action taken as a result of the Veralytic Report can significantly increase predictability and a successful long term client engagement.

The Veralytic Certified Provider Program

Permanent life insurance is a unique and important liquidity vehicle and as the Veralytic Report clearly demonstrates, there are a large number of variables that, in totality, contribute to a policy achieving “Best Available Rates and Terms”.

Veralytic Certified Providers offer a trusted resource for advisors insistent on reliable and appropriate remediation and implementation of their client’s life insurance portfolios. Certified Providers are thoroughly educated in and aligned with Veralytic’s methodology and process. Certified Providers bring a rigorous and disciplined approach to delivering “Best Available Rates and Terms” to you and your clients.  For advisors using Veralytic to serve clients best interests according to established and proven Prudent Investor principles, a Certified Provider delivers seamless support and execution in the pursuit and achievement of that goal.

Veralytic Certified Providers

Given the very specific requirements of the Veralytic deliverable, Certified Providers have been selected to provide additive and complementary levels of support for advisors. Depending on the needs of your practice, Certified Providers assure that the Veralytic methodology is precisely applied to the remediation or implementation of your client’s life insurance products. These providers enjoy impeccable reputations, industry leading expertise, the highest level of professionalism and, of course, strict adherence to the Veralytic philosophy and model.

About Windsor Insurance: a Veralytic Certified Provider

For over 40 years, Windsor’s enduring relationships with advisors and insurers have been the most important factor in our evolution. In fact, the comprehensive nature of our commitment to our partners permeates every aspect of our business. When entering a relationship with Windsor, you can trust you’ll receive the support, transparency, and depth of understanding needed to achieve your goals and those pursuant to the best interests of the client.

The life insurance industry is complex, and demands knowledge, persistence and trusted relationships. Our mission has always been to help advisors deliver the best possible outcome to their clients. Our services are designed to help you better grasp product benefits, advanced case design and the intricacies of underwriting required for successful policy review and placement. You can be confident delivering the right solutions and “Best Available Rates and Terms” to your clients.

The Windsor team sees themselves as true business partners who collaborate with you to better understand, anticipate and respond to your requirements. As a Brokerage General Agency, Windsor provides access to a broad “product shelf” for hundreds of products from dozens of insurers, and a comprehensive life insurance consultancy to you and your practice. With a team of over 30 professionals, you can access support in all aspects of your life insurance business.