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What's so Scary this Halloween?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What’s so scary for Halloween 2013? It’s scary that there are those that are still unaware that there are standards for managing life insurance as an asset. The standards drafted earlier this year by industry leaders at West Point. These standards apply the same universal decision making framework to life insurance that is already widely accepted in the investment business. Life insurance has clearly become a far more scary business than it was in the past, but it doesn’t have to be. The unknown can be scary and hypothetical illustrations are help that drive the fear.  Veralytic can help you make what is unknown known.  Veralytic can help you …

… help your clients understand what they are actually being charged and what they are actually getting in performance of invested assets underlying policy cash values so their family, children and/or business partners get what they deserve. 

… use independent research that identifies when a client is being over-charged or getting inferior performance to get more referrals from independent advisors, eliminate competition IN ADVANCE with greater market intelligence, and close sales faster by answering the question that all clients and their advisors really want to know (i.e., What I am really being charged in my life insurance?). 

… use new independent research to document the exercise of your fiduciary duty that gives you the protection of precedential case law where “information from an independent third-party entity with no economic stake in the transaction” was so instrumental to the Courts decision in favor of the fiduciary. 

Veralytic provides the empirical pricing and performance research essential to any complete investigation of life insurance policy suitability (as defined by the chief regulatory body of the financial services industry or the Prudent Investor Act) and which can then lead to independent and objective suitability determinations. Veralytic goes well beyond overly-simplified comparisons of comingled and hypothetical policy values to better protect and/or compete against those misleading Policy Review systems or services. 

Veralytic is simply the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive and cost-effective way to independently verify to clients and their advisors whether or not the pricing and performance of existing or proposed life insurance is in their best interest. Veralytic is accepted for independent client representation, endorsed by the New York Bankers Association (NYBA) and compliant with industry regulations and established case law.

Use the Veralytic Reports to determine the appropriateness of pricing, the reasonableness of performance expectations for invested assets underlying policy cash values, and overall suitability for your (client’s) policies based on the 5 factors of suitability. Click here and get up to 3 Veralytic research reports under our NO-Risk trial subscription.

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