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Where the Oceans of Knowledge Meet: Financial Advisor

Veralytic (under its original name, THEInsuranceAdvisor.COM / TIA) was featured in an article written by Mary Rowland in the January 2008 issue of Financial Advisor. Mary Rowland has written for Bloomberg Wealth Manager, The New York Times, and is an author of six books, including In Search of the Perfect Model.

In this article she concludes that "what we need is an objective rating system that allows even someone who doesn't know how to tear apart a policy to compare life insurance, and that also allows an advisor to fulfill his fiduciary responsibility to clients". She goes on to say that while "I am not here to give a sales pitch for Barry Flagg and his company, The Insurance Advisor" and while "I can't say that it fulfills the fiduciary duties of an advisor ... what I've heard about it intrigues me." In the same way that Morningstar publishes ratings and research about mutual funds, THEInsuranceAdvisor.COM empowers practitioners to evaluate and compare policies from different companies and demonstrate which is best for a particular person. And "unlike other insurance services that simply provide safety ratings for companies, TIA compares two-or more-policies (either load or no-load), shows the cost of various elements of each policy and publishes ratings and research on the product."

Mrs. Rowland and Financial Advisor magazine are now among a growing list of periodicals and thought leaders in the financial services industry who have cited Veralytic and who believe that practitioners need more information about the pricing and performance of life insurance products used in their practices.

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